11 May 2012

Church B&B.

There's only one thing this can mean.... A certain little six-and-a-half-year-old is on his way!

Just a few more hours and my mom, Larry, and Jordan will be here for a weekend-long Mother's Day celebration. Can't wait! Heidi inspected both the guest rooms to make sure they were ready for visitors...

Summer room looks acceptable!

Winter room, ready for guests!

Since I was last posting last summer, we've done a lot to the winter room. Most notably - no more air mattress! We ordered this bed from a local furniture store that will not be named because they are a-holes, but we love love love it. Some STEAL $8 curtains (for both panels!!!) from Target, new blinds, and, most recently, my most favorite rugs in the whole world! (I also got a matching runner for under the kitchen table.)

Time to get cooking now! Big Mother's Day bbq tomorrow with my family and Brad's parents, too. Happy Mother's Day to all my mama friends! xo

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troyandhill said...

If there happens to be any leftover mac, I know a couple of ladies willing to help you out. They live conveniently close too.