04 June 2010

Studio 54.

I can't decide if Brad's new apartment should be the "disco apartment" or the "Poltergeist apartment." Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:

Stay out of the mirror, evil Carol Anne!*

What I do know for sure, though, is that I am so glad that Brad is out of the ghetto-tel. Mostly for him, because that's no way to live five days of the week. But also for me because, well, it was totally skanky!

The new place is actually pretty great, and it serves double duty. It's a two-bedroom apartment, so Brad's splitting it with his parents, and it'll be their weekend getaway from us (ha!). It doesn't allow dogs (although we're going to try some sweet-talking) so I can't really "move in" so most of our stuff will stay at home base in Ann Arbor. But it's got a kitchen so Brad can eat a little better, non-nasty-hotel bathrooms (two of them actually), a giant workout room, a pool, and, the best part, private beach access. It's also a corner unit, surrounded by trees, so it's super private. And the balcony, which is huge, is also surrounded by trees, so you kind of feel like you're in your own home.

Welcome home, Brad.

Again with the mirrors.

FYI, that is black and gold metal stripes.

I have big footstool plans for the living room.

I did 40 laps. I was pleased with myself.

The backyard.

Speaking of our backyard....

It's not as huge as the public beaches, and I'm certain there are hundreds of snakes hiding in the trees and underneath the boulders, and the water has a rocky bottom so it's not as crystal clear... BUT it's private, there are no screaming teenagers, and it's beyond beautiful. I'll take it.

*Let's just be honest here and point out that I have always had and still have an overwhelming fear of dark mirrors. Blame "bloody mary" at childhood slumber parties, or Candyman, but I stumble to the bathroom with my eyes closed at night in fear of making eye contact w/ whatever may lurk in the dark mirrors. If I'm going to be spending much time here, we're going to have to at least rethink the bed position!

I felt super housewifey yesterday afternoon when Brad came home for lunch. He's NEVER been able to do that before. And here I was, the dutiful wife, waiting at home for him... and I made him lunch! We are so 1950s. Hey, maybe it's fitting then that this apartment was clearly decorated decades ago.

Mom! Meatloaf!

On a quick subject change, right now in downtown St. Joe, it is "hot diggity dog" time, and lining the streets are 20+ individually created dog statues. I wanted to smoosh them all. They'll be here all summer, so I'll have plenty of opportunities to do so.


Sara said...

Something must be wrong with me because I kind of like the wallpaper. haha. Looks like it could work in a high end bathroom if the fixtures were fancy.

The beach is amazing!!!

Mrs. Church said...

ha ha yeah the wallpaper alone could be fun.... If done right. Here, it is just all wrong! :D

Josh said...

You're definitely going for the minimalist look!

Candyman Candyman Candyman!!!

jes-m-r said...

Pretty beach!

When I saw the picture of the wall mirror, I said to myself, "she won't be able to sleep!" Ha.