22 June 2010

Mature smashure.

Mega props to all the real housewives out there because really keeping a house is consistent and constant work. While I haven't worked full time in a year and a half now (* holy crap *), I made a full-time job of job searching and admittedly didn't really take to housewifery. But now that we're trying to sell the house and are luckily blessed with constant traffic, the house must be kept in near-show condition at all times; don't even get me started on the immediate pre-showing ritual. And for the most part, Brad is gone, so it's all me (read: cleaning up dog poo! ew!). Which is fine. But I could feed a small family with the money I've spent on candles and cleaning products and air freshener and electricity for vacuuming. Anyway, so the housewife thing was never meant to be a permanent thing, and as we get closer (hopefully) to the big move, I need to start working toward my big return to the outside world (* holy crap *). I've been glued to the laptop for the past two days, and while the outlook is mostly pretty grim, I've stumbled upon a few possibilities and potentially some career-changing opportunities. But having been at it for two days straight, now I am procrastinating writing those last few cover letters (and cleaning for our showing tomorrow) by talkin to you.

"Work? Who approved that? Your job is tending to ME!"

I just got a very intriguing IM from Brad, alerting me to a something very interesting. Apparently, a new food shop just opened up in downtown St. Joe -- Sweet Seasons Orchard. The store site doesn't say much, but they had me at "cherries." According to St. Joe Today, they will also have nut butters, baked goods, pasta, cheese, cider in season (hooray!), snacks, and ice cream. Good thing I'm headed that way Friday so I can check this out, as well as the St. Joe farmer's market Saturday morning. Hooray for our first weekend in town!

Speaking of shops, I finally HAD to go to the store today. It's mostly just me here, so I haven't gone in weeks. I finally ran out of bread, so I ran out this afternoon, deciding on Kroger, which is random because I never go to Kroger. But I really didn't want to go to Meijer. I popped in a few weeks ago to see that they'd redone the inside, but I didn't really pay attention. Today I spent a ton of time perusing the new giant organic foods section, and I was totally impressed. When I get around to trying some of the new items I decided to check out, I shall share. In not-organic-food-news, I bought wheat bread.

I hate wheat bread. And if I'm having any gut issues, I really am supposed to stay away anyway (fine by me!). But I almost always buy Aunt Millie's breads for my regular sandwich bread, and none were on sale EXCEPT this wheat bread. I don't know what my deal was, but I threw it in the card. Weird. So tonight for dinner, I decided to test it out and toasted some up. Add some reduced fat feta (not nearly as good as full fat; I figured I'd test it out, lesson learned), half an avocado, two slices of tomato, and a thin spread of roasted red pepper hummus.

I very carefully put the two sides together (bad sandwich-building planning on my part)...

Guess what? I didn't hate the wheat. In fact, I maybe even liked it. It's super commercial bread, so I'm sure there's tons of sugar and all sorts of other evils in it, but it's a start. I can at least aim to eat it when my guts are in a good place. I feel so mature.

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