26 February 2010

Let's roll.

Girl Weekend '10 Day 2: A List

1. Yeah for movies! Straight-Jacket. Joan Crawford insanity. Amusing from the box art to the ending credits. Highly recommended. Good Hair. Sweet, funny, and sad. Worth a rent!

2. Rachel. Woo!

3. Katamari. I'm an idiot about video games
(Rachel can attest to my inability to move in a straight line or jump w/o getting stuck), but I'm totally sold on anything that allows me to roll around and pick up stuff -- totally feeds on my destruction inclinations. Knocking over gingerbread houses, picking up pizzas and turkeys and wiggling fish, and making sumo wrestlers go "uhhh!" Luckily we don't have this or I'd really never get anything done.

4. Miniature Cadbury creme eggs. I don't care what anyone says. Old-school, original Cadbury eggs are the BEST THINGS EVER. I turn my nose up at you, caramel-filled Cadbury egg! BUT those things are a giant ball of calories and fat, so I never allow myself more than one a year. So imagine my excitement when I discovered mini eggs last week. They're a little bigger than a peanut M&M, and there are only six grams of fat in three of them. AND they taste like regular creme eggs. Swoon. Rachel and I chowed a few of these down after our delicious Chinese feast. FYI, I just found this recipe. Omg. As soon as I figure out when Easter is, I'll get on that.

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Rachel said...

Dude! You did great at Katamari!