10 June 2009

Target alert.

Yes, I spend a lot of time at Target.

How cute is this? Personal lunch set, with divided box and reusable fork and knife! They also had a personal salad set, very similar, but including a built-in dressing container. Now, in theory -- not that big of a deal. There's a whole aisle of this stuff w/ the Tupperware. BUT... this is $2.99!! I couldn't pass it up. Plus, it's blue and green, so Brad's boss (who calls him Peaches) might lay off on the lunch bag taunting (it's just orange!): "What's with that sissy bag?"

Also noteworthy -- Target's new summer lines of picnic ware, which include a Summer of Love theme and are absolutely adorable. I could barely resist the plastic cups with floaty glitter and pictures of '70s camper vans (of which I of course can't find a pic). If I were the proud owner of, say, a brand new deck (I'm looking at you, LZ!), I might be in the market for some fun new schtuffs!

Flame drink dispenser! How cute is that?!
Finally, there are a few racks of 50% off bathing suits, with each piece ~7.50. They seemed to have a decent variety of sizes and designs left, including a super cute white and red polka dot suit and a surprisingly cute sailor theme suit.


Sara said...

I might need to go buy the salad version. Thanks a lot! hahaha

queen b said...

Yeah, that new container with it's neat little fork and knive cutouts is going to give Brad a lot of skreet cred. Heehee.

queen b said...

Dang it. I meant *its* not *it's*.

queen b said...

Crap! I also meant *knife* not *knive*. I give up. But thanks for the Target heads-ups!

Stephanie said...

Sara -- it also comes in red/orange, and it's in the aisle w/ the picnic stuff. :)

Lady Lisa said...

okay, so I just found an alert about your lunch set on one of my bento blogs. Apparently they're made in Israel? And they only have them at Target once a year? One lady bought 10. Crazy I tell you!