25 June 2009

Not if we jam it.

I wanted to make jam, freeze fruit and herbs, and can last year. Did I? Noooooo. This year, I have no excuses (and I'm knitting now, so I should be canning, too, right?). So Wednesday, Lisa and I hit the very very hot and steamy Farmer's Market and I snagged a ton o' strawberries (which I almost forgot to pay for; luckily I realized what I'd done a few minutes later!) to make... jam! For my first time out, I decided to make freezer jam. I kept it super simple and followed this recipe. All told, I was with the jam in about 45 minutes, including cleaning and chopping time (occasionally interrupted by kitchen dance party time with Heidi and George).

All you need. Well, this, and a buttload of sugar.

Beautiful berries.

The most time-consuming step of freezer jam.

Smelled SO good.

Ta-dah! (...and I even had a baggie full of extra jam)

The jam had to sit at room temperature for 24 hours (luckily I'd finally given in and let Brad turn on the AC), then I moved them all to the freezer this afternoon. Seriously, couldn't have been easier. And now that I feel more confident in my skillz, I'll try out some more real canning projects as the summer progresses. Can't wait to try my hand at tomatoes. Mmm.

Quick shopping alert....

Sunday we needed some ice cream to slop some delicious fruit salad on top of, and I stumbled upon a) super cheap ice cream sale (score!, b) tart honey frozen yogurt! Hello? Yum! Lemon and honey -- I was sold on the spot. Did it go so well with the fruit? Um, no. BUT I am still excited to discover this new flavor. The lemon is very very mild, and who doesn't love honey? (Sara, I am STILL using the ice cream scoop you got me for our hs graduation! Best evs!)

Sale at Old Navy! Sale at Old Navy! Like SALE sale, not "oh oh we're having a sale but one thing is 5% off!" There are oodles of items for $5 and tons of stuff 50% off, and not just the crap that they have on the typical sale racks toward the back. We're talking $5 bikini pieces, tanks, sleeveless tops, khaki shorts, sweatpant shorts -- I don't even know all that was 50% off. And the size ranges seemed pretty good (ON sales tend to be only really small or really big sizes). No clue when the sale started or when it ended, though, so you better get your booty over there asap.


Lady Lisa said...

man, I've been meaning to try that tart honey for months! Glad it's great. Also, scored a dress, some $5 tees, and a random bathing suit top (ON bottoms don't fit me). Yeah summer deals!

Sara said...

That yogurt sounds intriguing... Yeah for jam. It looks sooooo good. And I like your containers. If you get to tomatoes, I'm going to be so jealous. Haven't done that yet. Well, I canned salsa but wasn't super impressed. The in-laws were though.