24 January 2009

Spit happens.

I've always tried to make this a blog about "something" -- whether it's food, travels, housewifery, dogs, etc. -- and try not to just ramble ramble ramble (trust me, I can be quite the rambler). But sometimes something just happens that kind of affects all of those somethings, and it feels weird to not mention it... As of 2:30 yesterday, I am officially without job. Rumor has it I was one of 30 to go yesterday, and I must at least thank my lucky stars I was in the comfort of my own home when I got the news (although the surprise! you're laid off! phone call from someone I've never even heard of wasn't super awesome). I'm trying to stay positive (and my super amazing husband and friends will have it no other way, and for that I am eternally grateful), and I KNOW that eventually things will work out ok. But in the meantime, my favorite somethings are going to have to change a little. Will I be able to eat out a lot? Nope. Travel? Not really, although luckily our Cancun trip is already paid for. Housewifery? I may perfect it (and even put my laundry away for once). And maybe I'll finally muster up the energy to throw myself into more volunteer work with HSHV and PP. So I dunno.... I could be gone for a while, I could be here 10 times as much. Time shall tell.


Sara said...

Maybe you and Matt can edit a book about people's lay-off stories. Maybe it will be a best seller, though awfully depressing. :(

Very sorry you're having to go through this too. You've been an amazing support for us, and I hope we're the same to you! xxoo

Alison said...

Oh crap! I'm so sorry to hear that!!!

When I went through the experience of losing my job 2 years ago, writing a lot really helped me. And actually, now it's nice to have a written archive of everything I went through. When I'm feeling down, I can look back at what I wrote during those tough times and tell myself, "see? no matter how bad things got, everything always works out in the end."

Also, I can say from experience that it is possible to cut back and cut back and cut back some more, and still live just fine. I'm the main breadwinner in our household, and when I had to take a huge pay cut, we honestly didn't know how we'd possibly survive. But now we don't even notice anymore that we live on a smaller budget. You will find that there are things you spend lots of money on that you don't need or even care about, and once you cut those things out, there's still room for fun stuff.

queen b said...

I, for one, hope to see you here just as much as always. One of the many qualities I've always admired about you is your attitude. You have always weathered life storms with a positive and forward-looking outlook, something I've never been able to achieve. You will get through this and we'll all be here for you along the way, happily returning the favor you've done for us so many times.

MattsRants said...

I look back on my experience since April and, although it has been tough at times I am in a much better place than I was a year ago. This is not a permanent endevour, and we can chat our way through it. You have been a great support for me, so hopefully I can return the favor!

by the way my word verification for this is "tagathr" Ah, irony.

KayBee said...

Damn, damn, damn.....I deal with other people having these problems, but not my peeps. I don't like it hitting so close to home. I know, not know but KNOW, like the know in your heart of hearts kind of KNOW, that you will beat this and, of course true to Steph form, will come out sitting on top and lookin' mighty fine doing it. Hang in there love. I'm there if you need anyone to hang out with that doesn't require funds (I have a library card now) AND I can't have coffee so....time's a wastin'.