17 January 2009

Smooth move.

So more about exercise and being healthy. Sigh.

For book club, January through April, we are reading You: The Owner's Manual. To complement learning about how our bodies work, we decided to challenge each other with Commit to Be Fit (Lisa, thanks for letting me gank your blog post! hehehe). Lisa Smith brought this to the group -- it's something she's also doing with her co-workers. Why this is good for me: I'm NOT good with open-ended, vague, non-rewarding goals. I'm just not. If I need to do something, I typically just do it. However, like I've said, I do NOT like to exercise, and despite my special gut needs, I'm not necessarily the healthiest. We just don't eat a lot of fruits and veggies and I drink a lot of Diet Coke. Anyway, what's good about this is that there are clear cut ways to gain points, lose points, and, the best part... There is a winner. He he he he! Now, it's not about "winning" -- BUT... the challenge is a big motivator for me. So, come this Monday, I'm committed. ;)

I HAVE been practicing in the meantime... that whole pesky eating 5 servings of fruits and veggies. A day! Yes, a day. That is so nuts to me. Alas, I have discovered a sneaky trick. Rather, I stole a sneaky trick from Krissy, who so kindly shared her smoothie recipe with me. With her help, I've managed at least 5 servings every day this week (except Tuesday -- I was tied up at the dentist. blech!). I even bought myself a cutie smoothie mug to further motivate myself. And, of course, a matching towel. Oh cute owl home goods I cannot resist you.

Krissy's Tasty Smoothie Recipe
Handful of spinach
Handful of frozen berries
~ 1/2 cup of juice (I've been using fresh-squeezed blood orange juice)
Banana (which, for the past few years, have sent my tummy on a tailspin, but I am happy to report I am a-ok w/ them all of a sudden!)
Sprinkle of protein powder

*Krissy is a little more adventurous than me, going so far as to use red cabbage, which I did try, and it wasn't bad, but I don't know that I've that brave to make a full one for myself!

Smoothie = yum.

Lastly, I am happy to report that I am FINALLY free of the creepy Ouija board I got Aunt Sandy for her birthday. After a month, I was almost used to it being around. But the first few weeks I was afraid to walk by the room I was storing it in, especially in the dark. Eeeep!

Maybe Aunt Sandy can use her new Ouija board to channel the ghost that I am SURE lives in the creepy mannequin in her front room!


queen b said...

Oooh! I like the smoothie idea. I even have a smoothie maker!

Alison said...

Lately I'm having trouble getting motivated to exercise, too. It's so not like me. After I stopped racing, I got to love doing "functional" exercise like biking to work or walking to the store. The gym totally lost its appeal. In this weather, though, it's the only option, and I find myself hitting snooze a lot more often because I dread going to the gym! I can't wait for that first bike ride...

Sara said...

You tried the green smoothie before me. I have spinach in the fridge so I should really give it a try, though we're out of juice. Cute mug and pics of the pooches in the snow!

Stephanie said...

I swear, you don't even taste the spinach! :)