26 January 2009

It's a veggie, right?

Just a quick note to tell you about my newest discovery...... Yummm.Myyy.

I drove up to Troy today to take care of some final business, and the lovely LC took me for a delicious lunch at Olgas. I don't care, I flippin love Olgas, and I could eat an original Olga every day. (Although it is INSTANT stomach ache for me. Dammit all.) Anyway, given my commitment to health (hey, Olgas has a waitress! it's not technically fast food -- score for me!), I didn't want to order curly fries. But the zucchini fries immediately caught my eye. Hmm, intriguing compromise.

They finally arrived, and they were so much more than I could have even hoped for. Even at Olgas! They were just lightly fried -- more like tempura at a Japanese restaurant than deep-fried onion rings... I've been thinking about them all night. I need to make these at home. I shall keep you posted. In the meantime, go gets yourself some!

It's the little things, my friends, the little things.


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Lady Lisa said...

mmmm, zucchini fries. I bet we can totally figure out how to make awesome ones...