14 October 2013

Holy soup.

Seriously. Holy freakin soup. I've made soups over the years, but they almost never turn out quite like they should - almost always too thin, or two chunky, or just not perfect. I think I've made THE soup. (And thanks for the soupy inspiration, Rachel!)

I did some googling earlier and found this soup from Food Network. We picked more apples Saturday than we could reasonably consume as, you know, apples, so I was happy to find a recipe that included apples - grilled cheddar and apple sandwiches are amazing so why wouldn't this be?

Lotsa onions, lotsa apples.

...especially when I swapped out a cup of the broth (veggie!) for JAW JACKER.....

Other minor changes - I used all sharp cheddar, regular old orange, and I used WAY more nutmeg than 1/8 tablespoon. That was an oops, but it worked out just fine. Oh, and I sauteed the onions in four tablespoons of butter rather than six - I think this was the magic key to how thick and glorious the soup got, which never happens for me (I always way way under butter my recipes). I guess butter IS the magic ingredient.

And, just for my Bradford, who spits out all the onion chunks when I left them... I got out the immersion blender and blended up the onions and most of the apples (left a few chunks) for a smoother, frothier soup.

Brief interlude to say.... the five-speed KitchenAid immersion blender Brad got free from work this past spring. Is. Amazing. I mean, it comes with a dang box! If you haven't heard our crazy immersion blender saga - Brad got me one for Christmas a few years ago. It never worked right (the pieces didn't connect/lock correctly). Then he got a free one at work that was fewer speeds but actually worked. Then he got another. Then he got the fancy pants one in a box and I dumped the broken blender and gifted out the others. So we now are back down to one sweet as hell appliance!

Anyway, holy soup!

This was soooo good. Sooooo good. Did I say so good? The mix of the apples, the beer, and the cheddar was just perfect - just the right amount of sharp bite from the cheese, sweet from the apples, and just so flavorful from the addition of the beer.

Delicious and onion-chunk free = Brad-approved soup!

Go make it, fool!

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