07 October 2013

Birthday bow tie.

First and foremost, happy happy SIXTH birthday to our favorite dude in the world.

Birthday CHOMP.

In some belated around-here news, we have a new yard. Well, a new front yard (the backyard is something we are avoiding thinking about until next year.... you may remember that we re-sodded the backyard two years ago. It is now dead.). We are very very excited about our new grass, our new fancy black grasses, our new holly bushes, and our new TREE!

For reference, this is how the front looked this spring...

What a difference!

...and just in time for Halloween month!!!

Speaking of... I kept it simple this year, but here are a few fun scenes from Halloween at the Churches...

"Have a sit and join us for a drink!"

...to scare away door-to-door people that bother me.

All this loveliness really got me in the mood for a visit from my best gal Birgit, who spent the past weekend in St. Joe with me. Catching up, giggling, eating, drinking, giggling, antiquing, movie watching, and, of course, more giggling.

Awesome store we discovered, with its own fire pit.
We sat a spell.

Drinks at Soe with Frank.
(not gonna lie, I'm kind of obsessed with this picture)

Snack board for girls night in.
(fig "sausage," sangria jam, red pepper vodka jam)

Lots of good around here these days. Smile.


Sara said...

Who says dogs don't smile!

Rachel said...

I love how Georgie is in front smiling. I imagine he's thinking "Finally! My turn to be in front! Take that, sister." ;)