06 February 2013

Sloppy joe slop sloppy joe.

It seems almost wrong to go from writing about our awesome weekend away to... cafeteria food. But * hold onto your hats! * that's what's coming. I mentioned at some point that we have a cafeteria at work, which was totally new and foreign to me with this job. While I'm still slightly in awe of all the options right there, steps away from my desk (since I posted about said cafeteria, I moved to a spot just beyond it), I've eaten there enough now that it's a good backup if I stick around but, you know, nothing to get too worked up about (grilled cheese, veggie burger, sandwich bar). Until last week, that is.

Between the snow and meetings, I was around the office for lunch a bunch last week, and imagine my surprise when the "hot meal" selection (which is usually like, chicken wings or meat lasagna) was veggies and tofu. Wtf?! Tofu? For realz? I don't have a particularly emotional connection to tofu or anything, but to have it available was pretty exciting. The veggies were labeled "curried veggies" as well, so I didn't have high hopes for much beyond edible. But guess what? This was one tasty stir fry! And they even let me add in a heaping scoop of broccoli. Thanks, lunch lady (actually, lunch man).

I certainly felt much better post-lunch than I typically do after a cafeteria meal of grilled cheese and curly fries. I can never resist the dang curly fries when they are offered. Who can? (Don't even get me started on cheddar rounds, either.)

After the success of tofu day, imagine my insane surprise the next day when I discovered.... mac and cheesiology. Say what? (The little sign really said cheesiology.) They had a made-to-order mac and cheese bar, where they sauteed veggies (or meat, if you are so inclined) for you. As I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing, some co-workers approached and instantly joined in the ooh and ahh. (We were still talking about mac and cheese day today.) It is amazing the level of joy a little mac and cheese can bring to a room.

I kept mine light, with mostly veggies and less noodles and even less cheese. I bypassed the carrots (really? carrots?) and peas, opting for mushrooms and broccoli. From the noodle selection (yes, there were selections!), tri-colored rotini. A small scoop of cheese sauce. A small scoop of crumbled blue cheese.

Pre stir.

Post stir.

This lunch may go down in cafeteria history. Like I said, we're all still talking about it. Thanks, blizzard, for stranding me at work for lunch last week!


Sara said...

My neighbor once wrote a post about how the free food was the only thing he missed about work. Whatever gets you through the day friend! I still remember the corporate cafeteria at some company I visited with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the fancy cafeteria at Kalamazoo College. :)

Stephanie said...

Aw man! I wish our cafeteria was free! That'd be sweet. I'd drink coffee all day ;)