08 February 2013

Bistro de Church.

...then again, coming home for lunch is pretty sweet, too. Obviously, the main benefits being seeing Bradford for a bit mid-day as well as a few pooch snuggles. But it also gives me a chance to eat something at least mildly healthy, as well as throw together all the random stuff left over in the fridge - typically, Brad finds these combinations horribly offensive, so they don't cut it for dinner. But I'm more than happy to concoct a nice lunch for myself.

Mashed potatoes, chili, lime-spiked Greek yogurt, and an avocado. Delicious, and protein and fiber rich for belly goodness. This lunch makes me extra happy. Especially since, you know...

Remember the punch-you-in-the-face-delicious soda I mentioned? Seriously. Who can I punch? Worth the trip up north alone.

By the way, the Midnight in Paris soundtrack has been my work music for the past few days, and I just love it to death. You just may, too.

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