16 October 2012

Who ya gonna call.

The Halloweenizing continues, even though we'll miss the home stretch into Halloween (we WILL be back in time for actual Halloween - I made sure of that). And, let's be honest, the Halloweenizing has carried over to my cube as well. But for now, a few spooky sights from around here to help you get into the spirit, too.

My Frank lights, which I just adore but, unfortunately, don't show up great in pictures!

Spooky skull centerpiece. I'm kind of in love with this.

Medusa outside....

Even creepier backside of Medusa staring in at us...
(I actually forgot she was two-sided when I put her on the porch!)

Skelly man! Wish I had a few more of these guys but, hey, the good stuff's not cheap!

My favorite Halloween decoration, a Lisa!

The monsters are terrible at Scrabble.

And, of course, a Halloween sweater.

Two weeks to go, friends!

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Rachel said...

Georgie's good looks are KILLER!!!!!!!!!!! :D