18 October 2012

Playmate of the year.

I'm very lucky to have a husband who humors (most of) my many eccentricities. Including his seemingly geniune embracing of Halloween (he was game for a Halloween-ish wedding no less!). In the many years we've been together, and the many Halloweens we've celebrated, Brad has never once complained about me dressing him up in a myraid of random costumes. And, I must say, many of his most hilarious getups have been 100% Brad planned. A desire to celebrate Brad's celebration of my favorite holiday, combined with Rachel's request for a "Brad Costume Post," has culminated in what I'll dub the Brad Halloweening Series, starting with this gem -

I present to you Halloween Brad Oh Six. The year Brad and Birgit went as tag-team Hef and Bunny (my costume was far less exciting - not-so-sexy cop). Good thing Brad's got the perv stare down pat. Really makes the costume.


Rachel said...

James Spader at Hef!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!

I'll never forget the first time I met Brad. It was Halloween 2001 and he was a Bobby. ;)

Stephanie said...

That's right!!! Aw! What a fun memory :)

Rachel said...

And don't worry. I see my typo. Hahaha. D'oh!