30 July 2012

This year's love.

As a thirty-three year old, I....

Appreciated, every day, how lucky I am to be married to my best friend, who is supportive and loving and funny and all-around amazing.

Remained in remission and have had surprisingly few bad days.

Found my first gray hair. Including, gasp, a gray eyelash (which is actually growing on me).

Watched my father go through cancer diagnosis and treatment. He's doing great.

Knit my first adult blanket. And my second baby blanket.

Joined Corporate America. The verdict is still out on that one.
  • That being said, I now understand the terms "align," "derail," "engagement," and "deck" (who knew?).
Bought short shorts.

Drink iced coffee almost exclusively during the summer months. Yum.

Quit a job that made me question myself every day.

Returned to New Orleans after dreaming about it for 8 years.
  • After dreaming about the Central Grocery muffuletta for 8 years, I also ate two bites with meat.
  • I was promptly sick (probably coincidental, but still).
Convinced Brad to eat oysters. They are now a special occasion tradition.

Ate at a Rick Bayless restaurant.

Bought trousers. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Banana Republic.

Started running. I'm still slow, but I can do a mean two-miler.

Rediscovered Dawson's Creek. Which got me through the Couch to 5K Program, even on my hardest days.

Discovered that Victoria's Secret bathing suits fit perfectly and are worth every penny.

Started wearing heels almost every day.

Curled my hair on occasion.

Watched my friends celebrate many a milestone, of which I am so proud.

Rediscovered that I have a brain. And sometimes people recognize it. Thanks, job!

Started eating sour cream. But only at La Perla, in my veggie burrito.

Visited Forks, Washington. Which I only mention because it is hilarious and purely coincidental.

Learned to love blue. And fell in love with navy.

Learned to properly prune basil.

Have adjusted to writing in AP style at work. You will never break me on my personal time, AP style!!!

Celebrated five years of blogging, three years of vegetarianism, three years of knitting skillz, and six years of marriage.

I'm a happy, happy girl. Here's hoping 34 is as good to me as 33 was.


Melissa said...

I hope 34 brings many great things as well!

Sara said...

Awesome year! Can't wait to celebrate this weekend!