23 July 2012

Gifts of wood accepted.

Yesterday was my five-year blogaversary (which reminds me, last week was also my three-year veggieaversary, as well as my three-year knitaversary!). Five years. FIVE!

No earth-shattering post about this... You've seen where I've been and what I've been through these years, so no need to rehash too much. But it didn't seem right to not acknowledge it.

This Saturday is also my 34th birthday. Which means I was technically still TWENTY-EIGHT when I started writing here. I barely remember 28. I think it was pretty good, though.

2007: Young and immature.

 2012: Old and, well, still immature.
But loving every second of it!

Just for giggles... Because Brad and I just had an epic giggle fest over this pic just now - Brad at 28, in the very first No Pickles, Please post ever:

If nothing, these five years have chronicled so many moments of life I may have otherwise forgotten. I am grateful for the record.

Thanks for sticking with me all these years. Supporting me when I needed it. Laughing with me when life was hilarious. And just reading my words and caring.


KayBee said...


Sara said...

This made me giggle too!

Rachel said...

I'm officially requesting a retrospective of Brad in costumes.

Ceile said...

Brad's picture just made me spit my water out. HILARIOUS.