20 June 2012

A well-laid plan.

I love when things just fall right into place. All it takes is a little bit of planning, and you've got four nights of original meals, followed by one big "leftover" meal, which makes enough for leftover leftovers another night (and a few lunches in between). That's six nights of home-cooked meals, and six nights with nothing to think about when I get home from work. Here's how things played out -

Saturday - shrimp and mussel broil. Leftover: white wine
Sunday - Father's Day quesadillas. Leftover: corn, zucchini, tomatoes, onions
Monday - "Burger" night, with a premade pub burger for Brad and a portobello burger for me
Tuesday - Homemade margherita pizza. Leftover: corn and black olives

And tonight it all culminated into one giant, delicious pot of kitchen sink pasta primavera! 

I sauteed onions, yellow and orange peppers, green beans, corn (off the husk), and black olives in oil and white wine. I mixed the veggies with the pasta, leftover cooked zucchini, and tomatoes, then made a sauce with milk, butter, white wine, and Parmesan (all in the same pot). Added basil, of course. This is so easy, and so good, but I forget to make it all winter. Silly, silly me.

*Almost every meal included fresh basil from my garden, too! Now that I've learned how to prune it properly, I am certain I will have more than enough basil throughout the entire summer. Hooray!

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