12 June 2012

Lunch lady land.

I woke up at 6:45 am today... and I didn't barf! Day Two of Back to Work Week required my attendance at an 8 am meeting. Nothing like breaking me right in, right? (I did sleep/get ready in my trusty SeaBands, so maybe they helped...) So I am two days in. I've survived waking up early, wearing heels, various meetings, corporate buzz words, and I'm still smiling.

Plus, I have my own cube. That I don't share with my boss. That no one steals my stuff from. Not a single pen has a pink post with my name on it. It's the little things, right?

I also have a snack drawer. Or, a drawer with minimal snacks that will eventually become a full-on snack drawer. Significant because I couldn't keep food at my desk overnight before. Because of the mice (that peed all over our desks).

AND! I am steps away from our cafeteria! I have never worked anywhere with a cafeteria! I know, cafeteria food... Big deal. But this really feels like the big time. (There is even a "eat healthy, eat local" display table outside the kitchen!) If I forget my oatmeal one morning? Cafeteria! If I run out of coffee and decide I want a cup of Starbucks? $1. Forgot my lunch (or too lazy to make one)? A salad bar, with great topping options (hard boiled eggs, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries). A hot sandwich line (veggie burger, black bean burger, grilled cheese)... Fries! Pizza. Soups. And a rotating entree. A fountain soda machine, should I REALLY need a Coke one day. Snacks. Fruit. Not to mention the super fancy, healthy/organic-type vending machine down the hall.

Yesterday, being my first day, and I was alone and intimidated, I didn't want to look like I didn't know what I was doing, so I just went right to the salad. Which worked out just fine because it was delicious and $3.

A little snack splurge for a (diet, I know, ew) peach Snapple.
And what's better than salad... topped with pasta salad?!

This morning, after a meeting with my boss (in the cafeteria), I snuck over to the food to scope things out while no one was looking. That's when I discovered all the veggie sandwich options. Yeah!! I was starving by 11:30, so I went and grabbed a veggie burger with pepperjack cheese. The sandwich maker guy was SUPER jolly. (He was no Farley, though...)

Couldn't resist the baked Doritos.

So, with a great food situation, everything else has to fine right in line behind awesome, right???

PS I made this cake last weekend - which Hillary previously made - and it is delicious. You should make it, too.

PSS I am really happy to have my new job, but I must confess I really miss my afternoon adventures with Hillary and the girls. Sniff!


Sara said...

"This way to the cafeteria!" haha Sounds like an excellent start!

Rachel said...

Yay veggie burgers! But boo! Get them to quit using Styrofoam!

(my not-a-robot word is recesho. it knows me so well!)

Lady Lisa said...

Welcome back to lunch lady land! And I agree with Rachel on the styrofoam. I can't wait to hear more about all your work adventures.

KayBee said...

I'm j-e-a-l-o-u-s!! A cafeteria....what?!?! I get one place that delivers to me with a $10. min. Suck it up and enjoy. It's the little things :)

troyandhill said...

Funny, in my professional career, I have never worked anywhere that DIDN'T have a cafeteria. Hehe.

We miss you too. Maren will just have to claim "Stephanie's house!" as we walk by, but suffer no actual Stephanie :(

troyandhill said...

I also think I should start a blog. Simply posting all my baked goods should be enough material for starters anyway :)