22 April 2010

It's all Greek to me.

This month, Brad and I got to host Supper Club, and for the theme, we selected Greek -- our favorite! My Jess is Greek and her family makes the most amazing dolmathes, so I knew immediately that's what I wanted to prepare for the main course. I hit her up for the family recipe, and luckily she was willing to share. Since I'm sure it is a top family secret, I won't post the recipe, but let me know if you are interested!

Even though I'm still not eating meat, I definitely wanted to prepare the meat dolmathes because I know how delicious they are. I broke down and bought hamburger and cooked with it, mostly managing to avoid touching it!

Looks like brains.

Veggie filling for me.

And just maybe I happened to buy Rachael Ray evoo.
It was on sale!

Plop goo on grape leaf.

Roll up and stick in pan.

Once they are all assembled, you add some broth and water and simmer them for close to an hour. At that point, you mix up the lemon and egg to drop in to create the world's most delicious sauce. Mmm.

Pile o' leftover leaves.

See those leaves? Those are basically the leftover duds. I bought two jars of grape leaves, both said to include 44 leaves each. That's 88 leaves total. I would say I managed to salvage maybe 10 really good, perfect leaves from the bunch. There were obviously more that I got to work, but it was a REAL pain in the butt. Each jar had three rolls of leaves, all rolled together, and it was near impossible to get it unrolled w/o ripping half of them. Seriously, pain in the butt. And it took forever. As delicious as these definitely are, I do not see myself making these again. I'll order them at Parthenon! (Or make Jessica make them for me.)

Anyway, once the food was prepared, it was time to get the party started!

I did my best to decorate with a blue and white theme. Including shot glasses for...

Once everyone arrived, it was time to load up with grub. Lisa made a spank-your-pita (ok fine, spinach pie) and Sarah made a Greek lentil soup.

Sarah's lentil soup got rave reviews.

I very much enjoyed Lisa's spank-yer-pita. Mmmmmmm.

Everyone enjoyed Justin & Jen's lemon cake and poofy cake cookie thingys!

And, of course, lots of Greek wine and Ouzo.
Let's just say Sarah and I really enjoyed the Ouzo.

It was a lovely long evening, and kind of bittersweet as this is the only time Brad and I will be able to host. (But at least we'll be able to attend next month!) There was hockey on so the boys disappeared for a while to watch that while the girls had some girl talk time. Then everyone reconvened for an absinthe taste test.

Before, and after.

Just after. He he he.

Like I keep saying month after month, I feel so lucky to have been a part of this little group. It's been a great few months, I'm looking forward to next month, and perhaps some months in the future I can sneak back to town for another dinner. Xo to you all!

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