24 April 2010

All the world's a stage.

Things have been moving so fast around here... go go go go to get everything ready to sell the house. I have to admit I'm a little bummed today because we did already have our first showing scheduled for tomorrow. But they canceled! I feel so rejected. Pout pout. Anxiety aside, we are actually quite enjoying our newly staged living room. Since moving in in February of 2006, this room's been basically the same -- chair and couch against the back wall, love seat forming an L of furniture.

Our realtor told us to switch up the couches to open up the room and provide more of a walkthrough from the living room to the kitchen area. I was like "ooohkay, sure..." and once I started moving the furniture, I was thinking no way is this going to work. BUT then I got it moved and settled and lo and behold... we actually really like it. And whereas the love seat was kind of a wasted space before because you couldn't see the tv well from that angle, you can actually see the tv really well from the couch against the wall. I'm sold. Now let's just get this house sold, too!

Of course, the dogs feel like kings of the castle, too. "This is OUR couch now, losers!"

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