09 March 2010

Nothing rhymes with sixty.

I didn't realize it's been so long since I posted. I guess we have a little case of the spring fever over here, too (just like Lady Lisa!).

Take that, winter!

Spring makes me want to go out, not stay at home, so when we stay home after all, I lack cooking motivation. Our meals of late have consisted of lots of pasta and sandwiches (mmm grilled cheese with tomato), although I did retry the tofu Parmesan subs and they came out MUCH better this time (hint, use pasta sauce, slice the tofu thinner, and throw on an extra slice of provolone, too). I also, on the tail end of a random Chinese craving, made some stir fry using rice cooked in coconut milk (I know this is not Chinese). I've had the coconut milk for a few months, waiting for the right time to try it out -- while Brad was gone, I went for it, and I was very pleased. The rice seemed extra fluffy and it had a delicious buttery taste. I would make this again -- I bought a replacement can of milk -- but, as is normal for me, the "Chinese" cravings are gone, so it'll be a while.

Anyway, the only real "news" over at the Churchy household is a newly 60 dad! My dad turned 60 on Saturday, and we threw him a little party. More evidence of my current food mood.... * sigh * It was all store bought. My name is Stephanie, and I served frozen lasagna at a dinner party. Here's the thing, though -- I'm still not eating meat. And I don't like making things I can't even taste, let alone eat. So partial quality control, partial, well, ok, laziness. But who doesn't love a Stouffer's frozen lasgana? (And I'll happily take any opportunity to eat Stouffer's mac and cheese, which Jordan and I split.) I DID make a nice salad, though, with fresh veggies and blue cheese (YUM). The worst part is that I didn't even make a cake. I love to make birthday cakes! Someone smack me. But my dad certainly didn't care, so all was well.

Jordan quickly tires of the paparazzi....

But is happy to pose with his pal, Heidi.

Dad checks out the photo collage -- 60 years of memories!

Time to eat!

Despite the fakie food, my dad had a GREAT time. And that's what counts, right? RIGHT? :)

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Sara said...

Awww, that is so freaking cute with the fam all gathered around the table! Happy birthday to you dad!

And good for you for going easy on the food! :)