26 March 2010

Damsel in distress.

As luck would have it, a work project bought Sara to Detroit this week, and I managed to snag her Thursday evening. Plans were all set for a 7:15 dinner at Roast (Sara had booked a room at the newly restored Westin Book Cadillac), when I received a call from Sara. Long story short, there was a slight change of plans via an uncooperative rental car, and I headed down to Detroit to rescue Sara. But, as luck would also have it, Roast was able to squeeze us in early, and we managed to enjoy our dinner after all.

A very well-deserved glass of wine.

After some pre-dinner banter with our waiter, we finally made our decisions. And he pointed out the irony of a vegetarian at Roast. Yeah yeah! And then continued his not-at-all subtle attempts to sway me away from my choice.

Sara went with the pork chop -- waiter approved! She said that it had a good flavor, but it was a little rare for her taste and she would have liked a big more of the polenta ("it really is all about the meat!").

I went with the lobster roll, again, after the waiter's many attempts to get me to change my mind. But there was no way I was passing that up. Yum. I ate it, and liked it, and afterward asked him why he was so against it, and he had a valid point: it's more of a lunch menu item. Ok, yes. And was it worth $25? No. But considering it was one of three options I had, I was more than happy. I love a good sandwich of any kind, especially of the lobster roll variety, which you never see around here. There was a ton of lobster, it was the perfect amount of creamy, and the bread was fluffy and buttery. The waiter said the chef is getting ready to take it off the menu, too, so glad I got it while I could.

A word on the fries... They were delicious. Yum. BUT they smelled SO strongly of rosemary that I had to physically move them away from me so I could enjoy the rest of my meal. It was crazily overpowering.

A word on the "ketchup..."

(Don't even know what its deal was, but we both agreed it was terrible.)

Of course, just as we ordered dessert (we ended up getting it to go), our knight in shining armor appeared:

A VERY Adventures in Babysitting tow truck with a replacement rental car.
Time to deal with the drama that left Sara stranded in the D!

The ultimate good sport.
Ridin' in the tow truck.

Exchanging cars.
Fixin cars.
Where is Thor?

I have to admit, I would have been incredibly stressed out if I were Sara. And if either of us were alone to deal with all this (this being, of course, a dead rental car in the city and no response from the car company for four hours), it would have been very scary. But, we had each other, a good dinner, and a very amusing and friendly tow truck savior. And, in the end, Sara got a much better rental car!

So once the car situation was all straightened out, we returned to the hotel and Sara checked into her room, which offered a very beautiful view of the D.

Pretty... from afar.

Then it was time to eat take-out chocolate banana mousse cake in bed!

Never a dull moment when Sara is around. :)

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Sara said...

:) We'll talk about this night when we're 80! xoxo