23 December 2008

Have a holly jolly Christmas.

I'm so behind! A wicked cold knocked me out of commission for about a week, and I JUST finished wrapping my last gift less than an hour ago... That is totally not my style. Normally I'm way done with all this stuff by now. Oh well... I'm all ready for Christmas, and that's all that matters, right? Since I last wrote, much holiday cheer has ensued.

On Monday, the day before I got sick--luckily for those who had to eat my wares--I made my three dozen cookies for Lisa Z's cookie exchange. For the life of me I can't remember what they were called, so I can't find the recipe, but basically they were coconut, sugar, eggs, and rice krispies.

Heidi and I eagerly await the finished result.....

These turned out ok. I'm always nervous when I bake, especially something new... I'm not sure how but I ended up with a ton leftover dough, even after I made an extra half dozen cookies. I thought for sure I'd done something horribly wrong. Nevertheless, they turned out ok. They weren't my favorite ever, but they were tasty enough. Wednesday it was off to the cookie party, and, as always, Lisa Z. was the loveliest host.

Saturday we headed over to Fred and Tracy's for some holiday snacks and cocktails and a lovely game of Things that quickly turned dirty. Thanks to the Collinssss for a lovely time. And Brad was especially pleased with himself, as he finally found the Xmas sweater he'd been coveting for years.

This week it's been a mad dash to finish my shopping, get my menus planned... And the doggies are eagerly awaiting their special Xmas morning treats.

The next few days are going to be a little crazeee. I have to get up early tomorrow and get cooking for my Xmas Eve/birthday feast for my mom and co. out in Manchester. I decided to make the baked ziti I made a few weeks and a baked cheesy cauliflower casserole (plus bday cake, of course). Then Thursday it's off to Marc and Melanie's, where I'm on appetizer duty. I decided to whip up a "skinny" seven-layer dip and shrimp salad in mini phylo cups. Wish me luck!

If I'm not back until after the big day, candy canes and kisses to everyone! Xoxoxoxo


KayBee said...

Love to my lady!! Merry Christmas sweetie!

jesmr said...

Merry Christmas! I love you!