15 December 2008


I've been the worst cook lately. Been eating out for lunch a lot... ordering a lot of pizzas and subs for dinner. But Saturday I finally went grocery shopping -- which I love to do, but I've been resisting amidst all the $$$ being spend on Xmas currently. But Saturday afternoon I sat down and planned a menu for the next few days and hit Plum for some provisions. Saturday we just had burgers and pasta salad, and I have to once again give super props to Plum for its so yum prepared burger patties. I got Brad the turkey Mediterranean burger, and I got the salmon Mediterranean burger. Highly recommended!

Anyway, Sunday I decided to try out a new recipe from Better Homes and Gardens: chicken Florentine artichoke bake. Another good Sunday recipe, as it took a while to prep and I had to use four pots! Gasp! :)

I made a few mini changes up front (and used tri-colored bow-ties in honor of Aunt Sandy and Xmas [funny story interjection: When I was little, and Aunt Sandy was young, my mom made some sort of pasta dish with tri-colored noodles {spinach and tomato probably}. Aunt Sandy said "ew! I'm not eating that!" And my mom said "Just eat it! They're just Christmas noodles!" And she did. Foooooled you. He he he.]). I didn't have Monterrey jack so I used my leftover mild cheddar -- I also didn't use the full amount... in fact, I have no idea how much I used. 3/4 cup maybe? And just a few sprinkles of parm. I didn't have Italian seasoning, so I threw in some oregano and parsley, and I didn't have any paprika for the topping -- oh, I didn't put any additional parm in the topping either. Figured this was a calorie blackhole already. HA!

Anyway, it was deeeeelish. I love a good casserole and/or bake.

Time to dig in..... Plop!

Few notes for next time (or for recommendations -- because I say make it and eat it. Yum!). I probably would cut the inside cheese out altogether. I didn't taste it, so it was kind of a bunch of empty fat (although I'm sure it's crazy delicious with the full cheese included). I think I'd just sprinkle some parm on top with the topping. I'd also up the veggie content to make it even more filling and go even farther (we got 6+ servings out of it). That's it, though. I enjoyed my lunch leftovers and can't wait to have it again for dinner, too. Num num num.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, as I've gotta get my bake on tonight. Three dozen cookies. Eeeep! Don't burn! Don't burn!


jesmr said...

What kind of cookies did you make?

Sara said...

Looks yum! I think I might give this one a try.