29 June 2008

Skyrockets in flight.

The new Observer came this week, and it offered up a few upcoming good eats tips for July. Thanks Observer!

Grizzly Peak: Now, things are different lately at Grizzly Peak. We used to go in, know everyone, have a blast, any day of the week. New management = staff overhaul, and the place lost a lot of its lustre (and, I swear, no one wants to flippin serve us!!). That being said, there are still a few holdouts worth popping in to say hello to, and the food is, generally, still pretty tasty. So we were pretty excited to see a special promotion for July -- Fire & Ice. Sunday through Thursday in July, you can order chiles rellenos, yucatan chicken, shredded beef tacos, and tempura shrimp. And each special includes a pint of GP beer. Does cheddar ale soup go with rellenos? Hmm...

Afternoon Delight: It's been a million years, but I still miss working downtown at AMG, across the street from AD, running over for my morning muffin and fresh squeezed orange juice. Every few months we remember it's there and make a trip down for brunch and I think, man, I need to come here more often. Delish! Anyway, turns out AD and I are the same age! On July 7, it's celebrating it's 30th anniversary, and for the day, you can enjoy AD's 1978 menu and prices! Although half the size of the current menu, a lot of items look familiar (the Veggie, A.D. Club, the Berry Patch), and there's only one item over $4 (Crabmeat on the Green at $4.50). I'm thinking I might have to try the Turf and Surf Roll -- Alaskan King crabmeat served on an onion roll with slices of roast beef, Hollandaise sauce, Swiss cheese, and spinach leaves ($3.69). Anyone free for lunch?

Speaking of skyrockets.... My secret boyfriend is returning, just in time for my birthday. New season of No Reservations starts on July 7. WOOT! Seriously, after all the dreams I've had about hanging out with him (alas, we just hung out), I seriously feel like AB and I are old buddies.

PS. HA! My favorite top chef guy, with my favorite top chef quote, won this year's teeshirt. Awesome.


queen b said...

I'm telling ya, you've got to watch Kitchen Confidential. I haven't read the book so I have no idea if they're similar, but it is hiiii-larious. Mmm...afternoon delight.

Speaking of Grizzly Peak, it's definitely lost it's shine. However, Bartender Cathy is very cute and he was very attentive to us ladies. Score 5 points back, GP!

Lady Lisa said...

Well said my friend, well said. I couldn't agree more about the Peak. I also agree about AD though; every time I go, I think, "why don't I come here more often?" I would LOVE to join you for lunch on the 7th. :-)