20 June 2008

King of the road.

Let me tell you, there is nothing cuter in the world than watching old folks shag (dance! dance shag, you perv). With the little foot shuffle and the hip swivel -- you should just see the happiness on the faces of the shaggers. Unfortunately, Sara and I missed out on the shag lessons we thought we'd be able to get (they are month-long classes that start the first Thursday of the month, so we'd have been totally lost), so we didn't get a chance to join in -- BUT, that doesn't mean we didn't get asked! It was funny to sit on the sidelines like girls in the '50s, seemingly waiting for prince charming to come ask us to dance. And about midway through the evening last night, a very nice older gentleman tried to get us to dance with him (it was just like Footloose... a slow approach from across the room...). Boy oh boy did we wish we could!! Instead, we had to settle for watching, and chatting up a group of local kids. Their parents all shag! How cute! Anyway, a few more red bulls... no dinner.... let's just say my belly is not too happy right now, as we're about to embark on the real road trip of the road trip. But I'm a trooper and I shall suck it up. Here we come, Toyota 4Runner. Did I mention the rental car agency tried to give us a minivan? I was like, "are you serious? Seriously! Seriously?" LUCKILY they were young girls and understood that two foxy ladies simply could not road trip in a mini van and pulled some strings for us. So time to hit the road, folks -- more to come from beautiful Georgia. Keep your fingers crossed that we stumble across some fresh Georgia peaches on our drive! Here we come REM! We're almost there!!!

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