28 April 2008

Bawk bawk.

Ok, so none of my summer clothes fit... I'm consistently getting B-s and Cs on my daily food logs... Something's gotta give. It's almost springtime, which means... da da da... FRESH, local produce! SO, maybe that will be my inspiration to get back on the cooking kick. In the meantime, I had to do it. I broke down and bought.... Meat. Ugh. Chicken. BUT it's already diced up so I don't have to touch it. (I haven't bought meat, other than my Thanksgiving [pre-cooked] turkey and brats for Brad, since last summer.) I think tomorrow I shall make chicken with rice and artichokes. I'm almost excited about it! Anyway, after four weeks of eating out at least every other day while Brad's parents were here, I need real food.

Oh, and I officially STILL love Plum Market's olive bar. In addition to the blue cheese stuffed olives, they had MUFFALETTA sandwich spread. I would KILL for a muffaletta! So this will be a nice treat to tide me over until whenever I make it back to New Orleans.

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