27 January 2013

Ideal date.

Heidi and George would like to ask you....

Did you hear? We're going on vacation!

Since we booked a dog-friendly cabin up north, it is all George and Heidi can talk about! And, of course, they needed some traveling jackets. Gotta stay warm.

Speaking of staying warm, I've been doing my best this past week to stay warm, rest up, and beat this dang sickness in time to fully enjoy our winter getaway next week. I did venture out briefly Friday night, though, for a Girl's Night Out dinner, which was super duper awesome, delicious, and fun. You really can't beat a few hours out with just the girls. * insert many o' giggles *


Special shout out to Hillary, who had her first ever soft shell crab. Love seeing people try things for the first time - especially when they enjoy it! Maybe one of these days we'll even get Molly to try an oyster....... wink! Ties in nicely with my last post about food revelations, which has confirmed the fact that I clearly need to try Indian food again. It is officially on the list! This time, no buffet, though (sorry, Melissa P! ha!).

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Melissa said...

Anytime you're up for Indian, let me know! I'm craving it like crazy with this pregnancy (well, that's not that different from any other time in my life though).