02 February 2009

Christmas in February.

Mini update: Brad and I revisted Blue Tractor Saturday night, and the previously dry grits were moist and perfectly tasty on this visit. Also, not sure if I was just too boozy to realize on my last visit, but the same meal (the Carolina pulled pork) seemed to yield way more food. I was STUFFED and still brought home enough leftovers to make Brad and I each a pulled pork sandwich on Sunday and a third sandwich for Brad's lunch today. Mmm.

Currently, the pooches are chowing down on treats from their Auntie Rachel -- so far, they've been amused and occupied for nearly 45 minutes. Amazing!

Heidi and George say thank you very much, Auntie Rachel, and that they love you almost as much as their mom does. :)

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Rachel said...

I'm happy the twisty knots kept them busy!!! And I'm also happy I finally remembered to give them to you. Ha! Kiss kiss, H&G. :D